The Migizi is a student journal for Red Lake Nation College. The writing featured on our website is submitted by our students. Student submissions vary from academic essays to poetry, short stories, and other creative genres. The Migizi offers students an opportunity to showcase their voices through creative and academic writing skills. Submissions include both assignments submitted for coursework and students' personal work. 


It is the philosophy of Red Lake Nation College that students learn best in a safe, nurturing, and thought-provoking environment, and that such an environment requires adequate classroom space, up-to-date learning resources, and academically qualified, caring instructors. 


We also believe that it is vitally important that American Indian students a) regain their dignity as indigenous people, b) that they develop respect for themselves, for people of other cultures/worldviews, and for the environment, and c) that they are motivated to become life-long learners.​

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